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Buba Group

Located in Oman (West Asia) and Agadir (Morocco), and based in Vigo, Galicia (Spain), where the frozen fish and seafood trade has great relevance and tradition, we have the necessary infrastructure and work equipment to offer solutions according to the needs of each client, which has at its disposal an unbeatable offer for the frozen fish trade. We purify the entire process with the assurance that the merchandise will have the optimal care for its conservation, with unbeatable quality. That is why our clients place their trust in us and in our company philosophy. Buba Group represents enthusiasm, passion, effort and work with the aim of providing a unique quality service. Welcome to the Buba Group.


Buba Oman

Buba Group, has a fleet and factory in Oman, from where we fish, handle, distribute to anywhere in the world Yellowfin tuna in frozen or fresh, whole or HG. We have ample availability to develop other options on request or specific customer needs.

Own fleet fishing and processing yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Gulf of Oman.

We also process our tuna products in Omani factories through joint-venture agreements to provide our clients with tailor-made tuna products as per their own request (H&G, loins, bellies, fillets…).


Buba Morocco

Buba Group has its own plant in Morocco to process, select and manipulate our product with special care. The same happens in our boats. We freeze at -28ºC at IQF and are proud to achieve a final product of the highest quality.

IQF whole sardine factory (El Aaiún)

BUBA GROUP´s factory specialized in processing IQF whole sardine (sardina pilchardus). All our sardine raw materials come from our artisanal boats daily catch, received iced fresh in our facilities to be carefully selected, graded and deep-frozen to obtain a premium quality IQF whole sardine.

  • Processing capacity: 4,000 MT per year
  • Freezing capacity: 600 MT
  • IQF pools: 2
  • Freezing tunnels -27º C: 2
  • Freezing at -15ºC (pinbone) in 45 minutes

Processing factory (Agadir)

BUBA GROUP runs a maquila factory in Agadir with highly skilled staff specialized in proccesing cephalopods, mainly cleaned squid, cuttlefish and octopus.

Our experience in processing cephalopods at the Agadir factory allows us to offer our clients maximum efficiency and a raw material maximum yield to obtain a high quality end product.

International Trading

Buba Trading

Our Trading branch is very well positioned at origin in major fishing grounds worlwide thanks to solid and long-lasting partnerships with shipowners and factories in Latin America (mainly Peru, Argentina and Chile), Asia (China, Indonesia and india) and Europe (Spain, Norway and Iceland).

Our headquarters location in Vigo, one of the largest seafood ports and seafood processing industry hubs in Europe, allows us to have direct access to a vast seafood production and raw materials from shipowners operating in the main fishing grounds (Argentina, Malvinas, NAFO, Sudáfrica, Namibia…).

Main products: Illex squid, patagonian squid, Argentinian red shrimp, redfish, hubbsi hake, capensis hake…

Furthermore, BUBA TRADING also commercializes the production of giant squid (dosidicus gigas) from 2 factories in Peru.

Main gigas products from Peru: fillets, tentacles, open necks, sexual, wings

BUBA TRADING major export markets:

  • ASIA (Tailandia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong)
  • EUROPA (Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece)
  • AFRICA (South Africa) ü NORTH AMERICA (U.S.A.)

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