Barnacle Big (500gr.)
Barnacle Big (500gr.)
Barnacle Big (500gr.)

Barnacle Big (500gr.)

Presentation Mode Fresh, Raw
Product Barnacle (Pollicipes cornucopiae)
Envasado Box of 1Kg and 500gr.
Packing Origin Galician coasts (FAO 27)
Conservation Mode 2 days in the fridge from reception

Shipping Information

It is sent in refrigerated transport, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days from receipt. We recommend covering the barnacles with a damp cloth to keep them fresh until they are made. The availability of a good product depends on factors such as the swell, the tides or the weather, if for any reason there is no product availability or it does not meet the required quality, we will notify the customer to cancel or postpone the order. In case of cancellation, the amount of the purchase will be refunded.


At Buba Camarón we offer you authentic Galician barnacles selected directly from our own barnacles located on the Galician coasts. We guarantee the highest quality and freshness.

The barnacle (Pollicipes Cornucopiae) is one of the main jewels of Galician gastronomy. Famous and appreciated throughout the world, the barnacle stands out for its intense and delicious flavor and its exquisite meat.

The Galician barnacle is a crustacean that grows on rocks beaten by the waves itself and feeds by filtration, distinguishing itself from barnacles from other sources due to its larger caliber and shorter length, as well as its darker color. An authentic delicacy known as "Black Gold".

And at Buba we bring the barnacles directly from the sea to your table, always sending them raw and cold, in 1Kg or 500gr boxes. It's up to you.

To enjoy them to the fullest, our recommendation is to cook them in boiling water for a minute and a half with salt and bay leaf, or better yet, in sea water. They are such an excellent product that they do not need any further preparation. It will conquer you.

Buba Camarón barnacles are rock barnacles, which we catch in well beaten areas by the Atlantic, which makes our barnacle a real pleasure for seafood lovers.

We want you to enjoy this gastronomic gem to the fullest, and for this we let you choose the size of the barnacles that you like best: small, medium, large or extra.

We deliver them to you in refrigerated shipments, and our recommendation is that they do not spend more than 48 hours in the refrigerator upon receipt, and that they remain covered with a damp cloth until they are made, in order to guarantee freshness.


Very easy!

Put water on to boil. Calculate the water so that the barnacles are completely covered by the water. Calculate 70 grams of coarse salt per liter of water and a few dried bay leaves.

When the water is boiling, the barnacles are introduced and when it boils again we count half a minute and remove the barnacles by covering them with a cloth so that they do not lose their properties. We recommend enjoying them hot.

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